Weapons Tracking System

Reduce the Risk of Lost Weapons by 90% with

Armory Master PRO Armory Master PRO Armory Master PRO

Our Armory Management System is ideal for
law enforcement, military, security firms, gun
shops, shooting clubs, and sports shooters

Say Goodbye to Paperwork.
Say Hello to Fast, Secure and Accurate RFID Technology

  • Secures with military-grade technology.
  • Field-tested weapon tracking system.
  • Secure SSL encryption and RFID tracking.

Reduce Incidents of Weapon Loss or Theft by Up to 90% with Armory Master Pro

  • Increased Time & Cost Savings
  • Improved inventory management
  • Enhanced Reputation

Armory Master Pro Ensures 99% Compliance with Federal and State Regulations to Prevent Costly Fines

  • Ensures Compliance
  • Reduces Human Error
  • Improves Emergency Response.

Optimize Inventory Management by up to 30-50% by using Armory Master Pro

  • Increased Time & Cost Savings
  • Improved inventory management
  • Enhanced Reputation

Armory Master Pro 100% Designed
Specifically for the Firearms Industry

RFID Armory Management and Weapons Tracking System Streamlines Every Step of Operation in an Armory

Why Armory Master Pro is the
Best Weapons Tracking System?

Your Business Could Be the Next Breakthrough with Our Armory Management System
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RFID technology has greatly improved how we keep track of things like equipment and assets, making it a key player in digital tracking solutions

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Armory Management – Get to Know

Armory Management – Get to Know

In the world of security and asset management, not many systems are as important as

Importance of Weapons Storage for Police Department

Importance of Weapons Storage for Police Department

In law enforcement, managing and storing weapons is crucial for maintaining the safety and security

Discover the Best Secrets of Firearm Compliance Effortlessly

Discover the Best Secrets of Firearm Compliance Effortlessly

There is no doubt that strict compliance and accurate record-keeping are not only legal obligations

Hear What the Firearms Industry Says About Armory Master Pro

As a gun shop owner, this tracking system has changed how we manage guns. It's easy and secure, building customer trust.

Frederic Hill

Founder & CEO


In our shooting club, managing guns safely is key. This system helps us keep track easily, letting us focus more on our members.

Julie Kyle

Account Executive


For law enforcement admin, accurate gun tracking is crucial. This system makes it simple and effective, improving how we handle our weapons

Brendan Buck

Data Engineer


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Systems that monitor and manage the inventory and movement of firearms and ammunition using technology.

Armory Master Pro stands out in weapons tracking by combining over 20 years of expertise with the latest in SSL encryption and RFID technology for precise tracking. This system is enhanced by military-grade technology that has been extensively field-tested, ensuring reliability and effectiveness.

A method that uses radio waves to identify and track tags attached to weapons, enabling automated inventory management.

Yes, by automatically logging all actions, it aids in adhering to regulations and avoiding penalties.

Yes, it's designed for compatibility, enhancing your current setup without major changes.

Comprehensive support including step-by-step training, setup assistance, and ongoing support for smooth adoption

Minimize the Risk of Lost Weapons

Our experts can help you customize Armory Master Pro to perfectly fit your needs and prevent weapon loss.