Armory Management System for Law Enforcement

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Buy proven military technology for managing your agency's armory. They tested it in the field and it works effectively.


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We are proud of our work and stand behind our commitment to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


Armory Management Systems Take the Lead

Enable Your Military Team

Armory Management provides authoritative control and confident management, offering military-grade precision in tracking and maintaining armory equipment. Armory Master Pro helps avoid lost weapons by keeping track of every item, making sure they are ready for use.

Enable Your Police Force

Armory Master Pro provides police departments with a safe and highly accurate solution for quick and effective responses. Armory Master Pro simplifies weapon and equipment tracking, allocation, and maintenance, allowing officers to focus on their primary responsibilities

Enable Your Coastal Guards

Simplifies inventory management, equipment distribution, and safety compliance for coastal guards operating in challenging maritime environments. Track inventory, move equipment efficiently, and ensure safety compliance. Stay organized and up-to-date with Armory Master Pro.


99% Inventory Control with RFID Technology

Implement military-grade RFID technology for real-time inventory updates and alerts. Precision tracking accounts for all equipment, eliminating the limitations of paper-based systems.

Safety & Oversight

User Accountability and 100% Secure Access

Advanced security and role-based access reduce the risk of lost weapons. Armory Master Pro maximizes security by allowing only authorized staff to access certain weapons and gear. Reduces the chances of losing them.

Secure-access- Inventory-system-law- enforcement
Compliance & Risk Control

Get 100% Compliance without Hassle

Stay ahead of ATF and local law enforcement audits with automated logs and reports generated by Armory Master Pro. Our solution makes compliance easy, meeting regulations with the reliability of RFID data.

See How We Help Law Enforcement Agencies Work Better

Inventory Control

Keep track of every piece of equipment, from firearms to tactical gear, with real-time inventory updates.

Trace and Locate

Easily assign weapons and equipment to officers, ensuring accountability and proper use of resources.

Maintenance Scheduling

Automate maintenance tracking and scheduling to keep your armory in top condition.

Manage Compliance

Stay ahead of compliance with automated logs ensuring your agency meets all regulatory requirements without hassle.

Secure Access

Implement role-based access controls with advanced security features to protect sensitive information and assets.

Time and Cost Savings

Reduces the need for manual intervention, leading to significant cost reductions and time savings.

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Armory Management – Get to Know

Armory Management – Get to Know

In the world of security and asset management, not many systems are as important as

Importance of Weapons Storage for Police Department

Importance of Weapons Storage for Police Department

In law enforcement, managing and storing weapons is crucial for maintaining the safety and security

Discover the Best Secrets of Firearm Compliance Effortlessly

Discover the Best Secrets of Firearm Compliance Effortlessly

There is no doubt that strict compliance and accurate record-keeping are not only legal obligations

Why Choose Armory Master Pro

Armory Master Pro has over 20 years of experience tracking assets and completing successful projects in the field. Our weapons tracking solutions offer military-grade precision.


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The implementation process starts with a consultation to understand your agency's needs. We will adjust the system to meet your needs, set up hardware and software, train your staff, and provide continuous support.
Basic prerequisites include an existing inventory list, designated personnel for training, and a secure network for system integration.

Our project management team uses a structured timeline with milestone check-ins to ensure the implementation stays on track. Regular updates and communication with your team help us maintain our 95% on-time delivery record.

We utilize RFID technology to tag each piece of equipment with a special code that users can scan for quick updates. This ensures precise tracking and minimizes human error.
We use encryption to protect data when we store it and when we send it. We also use extra security measures like multi-factor authentication. Additionally, we conduct regular security checks to prevent unauthorized access and breaches.
Our support team is available to help with compliance management. This includes preparing for audits and addressing any issues that arise.  
Support is available through phone, email, and an online ticketing system. You can arrange emergency on-site support if needed.  
We perform regular updates to ensure the system remains secure and functional. These include security patches, feature updates, and performance enhancements.  
Armory Master Pro can tailor to fit the specific needs of different law enforcement agencies. This customization includes the ability to create custom workflows, reports, and user interfaces.  
You can schedule a demo by contacting our sales team through our website or by phone. We offer virtual and on-site demos.  

Reduce Risks with Lost Weapons

Talk to our experts to determine how we can customize our Armory Master Pro to meet your specific needs.